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Black Creek Cemetery Princeton / Photo Transcription
Contributed by: Dee Rechek
Cemetery Sign
Victor Lunow
Henry Alfred & Mary ?
Prieve Family Stone
Alice Prieve
Alexander E. Prieve, Jr.
Alexander R. & Ruby A. Prieve
Bertha Prieve
Ernest H. Prieve
Henry Prieve, Sr.
Infant (daughter of A. & A.)
Lena Prieve
Minnie Prieve
G.A. Schultz Family Stone
Alfred J. Schultz
Bertha Schultz
Edna E. Schultz
Fred Schultz
Gust A. Schultz
Joyce L. Schultz
Robert Schultz
Ralph W. Schultz
Swanke Family stone
Charlotte Belder Swanke
Darwin D. Swanke
Evaline Swanke
John Swanke
Linda A. Schultz
Minna Swanke
Otto Swanke
Victor W.G. & Merna A Swanke
William Swanke
Country Memorial Gardens Near Marquette / Photo Transcription
Contributed by: Dee Rechek
Cemetery Sign
Jacqueline M. & Timothy R. Carr
Carl W. & Caroline M. Dettman
Ella D. Dettman
Henry Dettman
R. Hahn Twins
Jahnke Family Marker
Gottlieb Jahnke
Guenther W. Jahnke
Guenther W. & Winifred D. Jahnke
Julia A. Jahnke
Leona L. Jahnke
Nathan W. Jahnke
Maria F. Marquart
Emma Augusta Pace
Carl Peters
Anna M. Schellhorn
Carl Wilde
Leopold R. Wilde
D. Louise Zastrow
Dayton Cemetery
Princeton Twp
John Hewes
Grandview Cemetery / Photo Transcription
Contributed by: Dee Rechek
Cemetery Sign
John, Katie & Ella Dettman
Louis Durban
Charles Hahn
Caroline Winkelman Hahn
Glenn H. Hahn
Hannah Wagner & Robert Hahn
Minnie Hahn
Vilas Hahn
Wilton W. Hahn
Lydia E. & Elias A. Heise
Baby Virginia Heise
Arthur Kluge
Emma Dettman & Henry Kluge
Fred Carl Kluge
Dena Heise Miller
Potter Family Stone
Harriet Fox Potter
James C. Potter
Edward/Lorraine Hahn Swanke
Memory Hill Cemetery / St. John's Lutheran Church / Princeton
Photo Transcription / Contributed by: Dee Rechek
Hilbert A & Adeline L. Boesler
Alice Crimmings
Bertha A. & Emil L. Fenske
Arden L. & Luella E. Golz
C. Edward & Ida T. Golz
Carl Wm. Golz
Ernstine Golz
Julius Golz
Julius Golz
Mathilda Golz
Mathilda Golz
Lillian Kelm
Paul & Mary Kelm
Alfred H. Klawitter
Bertha Klawitter
Bertha Klawitter
Herman & Bertha Klawitter
Edward & Emilie Klawitter
Emil Klawitter
George C. Klawitter
Victor Arthur Klawitter
Lunow Family Stone
Lunow Family stone
Anna & Arnold Lunow
Baby Lunow
Fred H. Lunow
Frieda Lunow
Henry Lunow Family
Herman & Clara Lunow
Henry J. Lunow
Wife of H.J. Lunow
Martha Lunow
William Lunow
William H. Lunow
William P. & Edline E. Manthey
C. Oestreich
William & Emma Oestreich
Richard S. & Lena H. Ponto
Prachel Family Stone
Albert G. Prachel
Herbert L. Prachel
Ida B. Prachel
Emil O. Schroeder
Emma Damon Schroeder
Herman J. Schroeder
Hulda P. Schroeder
William H. Schroeder
William L. & Caroline A. Schroeder
Albert A. Schultz
Anna M. Schultz
Auguste E. Schultz
Ardice M. Schultz
Baby Boy Schultz
Charles A. Schultz
Edith A. Schultz
E.E. Schultz
Edna J. Schultz
Edward Schultz
Edward F. Schultz
Ernest E. Schultz
Ferdinand W. Schultz
Hanna Schultz
Hattie J. Schultz
Helen E. Schultz
Herman J. Schultz
Hortense Schultz
Leona Schultz
Minnie & Andrew Schultz
Omer Z. Schultz
Richard A. & Gertrude E. Schultz
Reinhold A. Schultz
Albert & Olga Sommerfeldt
Verch Stone
Bertha A. Verch
Fred Verch
Victor A. Verch
Phyllis Mae Wicks

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