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ALL Cemetery surveys and photos for Coos County, Oregon sent to the Tombstone Project are located in the USGenWeb Archives - Oregon. 

To see Cemetery Transcriptions and Tombstone Photos, click here.

These records are updated regularly, so check back often.




Allegany Cemetery
2nd survey
  Delores Kruse
D. Jennifer Shank
Bandon's G.A.R. & Catholic Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Bandon's I.O.O.F Cemetery (Old Section, aka Ocean View Cemetery)   D. Jennifer Shank
Catching Creek Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Coos River Pioneer Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Coquille Masonic Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Coquille Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Coquille Cemetery Tombstone PhotosPartial  
Coquille Pioneer Cemetery Coquille Pioneer Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Crest Memorial Gardens, Coquille Crest Memorial Gardens Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Dora Cemetery Dora Cemetery Tombstone Photos D. Jennifer Shank
Empire Pioneer Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Enchanted Prairie Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Fairview Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery Tombstone Photos D. Jennifer Shank
Fox Bridge [aka Lee Valley] Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Gravelford Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Knights of Pythias Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Lakeside Cemetary, Part 1   Richard & Cassie Langley Brown
Lakeside Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Marshfield's I.O.O.F. [Pioneer] Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Myrtle Crest Memorial Cemetery Myrtle Crest Memorial Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery
  Mary Ellen Robinson
D. Jennifer Shank
Norway Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Ocean View Memory Gardens Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Powers Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Robison Cemetery [aka Lower Fishtrap Cemetery]   D. Jennifer Shank
Steward Cemetery   Sue Steward
Sumner Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Templeton Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
Upper Fish Trap Cemetery   D. Jennifer Shank
The ORGenWeb Project - Coos County Cemetery Records    
The Political Graveyard    
US Veterans Affairs - Grave Locator    

The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Coos County. And there are more not listed. Currently, there are no transcriptions available. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Coos County:

  • Archer Cemetery (Coos Bay)

  • Bear Creek Cemetery (Bill Peak)

  • Beaver Hill Cemetery

  • Brack Cemetery (Bridge)

  • Breen Cemetery

  • Breuer Cemetery

  • Brewer Cemetery (Bridge)

  • Brown Cemetery

  • Bullard-Hamblock Cemetery

  • Bullards Cemetery (Bullards)

  • Collver Grave

  • Cook Grave

  • Davis Cemetery

  • Dement Cemetery (Dement Creek)

  • Eden Valley Cemetery

  • Fetter Cemetery (Remote)

  • Fishtrap Cemetery (Myrtle Point)

  • Garrett Cemetery (Bridge)

  • Gibbs Cemetery

  • Green Cemetery aka Deer Park Cemetery

  • Green Grave

  • Haines Cemetery

  • Hanson/Culbertson Cemetery

  • Hayes Cemetery (China Flat)

  • Haynes Cemetery (Coos Bay)

  • Hermann Cemetery (Myrtle Point)

  • Hill Grave

  • Hoffman Cemetery

  • Hultin/Thrush Cemetery (Riverton)

  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Coos Bay)

  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery #2, Coquille

  • Jefferson Grave

  • Kentuck/Thomas Cemetery

  • Kronenberg Cemetery (Riverton)

  • Lampa Creek Cemetery (Bill Peak)

  • Lett Graves

  • Masters Cemetery

  • McGlone Graves

  • McKinley Cemetery (Dora)

  • Morris Cemetery

  • Morris-Baker Cemetery (McKinley)

  • Myrtle Creek Cemetery, akd Fish/Bancroft/Rice Cemetery (Powers)

  • Myrtle Crest Memorial Gardens (Coquille)

  • Neal Cemetery (Powers)

  • Nelson Cemetery

  • Noah Grave

  • Norris Family Cemetery (China Flat)

  • Old Red Barn Cemetery

  • Old Myrtle Point Cemetery (Bridge)

  • Pallaske Cemetery

  • Parkersburg Cemetery

  • Rackleff Cemetery

  • Randolph Cemetery (Riverton)

  • Riverton Cemetery

  • Robbins Cemetery

  • Roland/Poland Cemetery

  • Russell Cemetery (Riverton)

  • Saachi Cemetery

  • Skaggs Grave

  • Smalley Cemetery

  • Smith Cemetery

  • South Fork Cemetery (Allegany)

  • South Slough Cemetery (Charleston)

  • Sumner School Graveyard

  • Sunset Memorial Park (Coos Bay)

  • Warner Cemetery (Myrtle Point)

  • Warner Grave (Powers)

  • Wasson Cemetery

  • Waterman Cemetery (Powers)

  • Wells Grave

  • Wheeler Grave

  • Whittington Cemetery

  • Wide Cemetery (Powers)

  • Wigent Family Cemetery

  • Yoakum Family Cemetery


To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Oregon cemetery or submit tombstone photos, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Oregon Submission and Contacts page.

To learn how to record a survey of a Cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submitting It.


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