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ALL Cemetery surveys and photos for Douglas County, Oregon sent to the Tombstone Project are located in the USGenWeb Archives - Oregon. 

To see Cemetery Transcriptions and Tombstone Photos, click here.

These records are updated regularly, so check back often.




Civil Bend Pioneer Cemetery   Kathi Warren-Flynn 
Drain Cemetery   W. David Samuelsen
Dillard Cemetery   Kathi Warren-Flynn 
Elkton Cemetery,
Mar 2006 survey
Nov 2006 Survey, a partial listing
  Cathie Beauvais
Julie Henderson
Gardiner Cemetery
1964 Survey
1983 Survey
  W. David Samuelsen
Lookingglass Cemetery   Kathi Warren-Flynn
Melrose Cemetery   Debra Huff
Metz Hill Cemetery Metz Hill Tombstone Photos James Monroe
Murray Cemetery   Darrell Murray
Nichols Family Cemetery   Kathi Warren-Flynn
Noah Cemetery   Kathi Warren-Flynn
Pioneer Cemetery, Myrtle Creek, abandoned   Tim Kirkham & Greg McCleaf
Reedsport Cemetery   W. David Samuelsen
Riddle Cemetery   William A. Cox
Tenmile Methodist Cemetery   Kathi Flynn
Wimberly Cemetery    
Roseburg, Winston, Myrtle Creek, Riddle and Canyonville areas
  Patty Russell & Sherry Dineen E-mail, will do look-ups for Roseburg, Winston, Myrtle Creek, Riddle, Canyonville areas
The ORGenWeb Project - Douglas County Cemeteries    
Coles Valley Cemetery    
Glendale Memorial Cemetery Association    
Thomason Tribal Cemetery    
Tyee View Cemetery    
The Political Graveyard    
US Veterans Affairs - Grave Locator    

The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Douglas County. And there are more not listed. Currently, there are no transcriptions available. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Douglas County:

  • Applegate Family Cemetery (Drain)

  • Archambeaux Family Cemetery (Garden Valley)

  • Bland Mountain Cemetery (Days Creek)

  • Boggess Cemetery (Dixonville)

  • Brown Cemetery (Devils Graveyard)

  • Bryant Cemetery (Dodson Butte)

  • Burnett Cemetery (Myrtle Creek)

  • Canyonville Cemetery (Canyonville)

  • Champaigne Family Cemetery (Garden Valley)

  • Cleveland Cemetery (Garden Valley)

  • Coffee Creek Cemetery (Tiller)

  • Coles Valley Cemetery (Garden Valley)

  • Colvin Cemetery (Drain)

  • Comstock Cemetery (Curtin)

  • Cox Cemetery (Winston)

  • Day Cemetery (Camas Valley)

  • Dimmick Cemetery (Kellogg)

  • Douglas County Cemetery (Roseburg East)

  • Drain IOOF Cemetery (Drain)

  • Eden Cemetery (Garden Valley)

  • Ensley Cemetery (Putnam Valley)

  • Fair Oaks Cemetery (Nonpareil)

  • Glendale Masonic Cemetery (Glendale)

  • Gunter Cemetery (Gunter)

  • Harris Family Cemetery (Scotts Valley)

  • Harvey Cemetery (Nonpareil)

  • Henderer Cemetery (Elkton)

  • Hurst Family Cemetery (Tyee Mountain)

  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery

  • (Sutherlin)

  • Indian Burial Ground (Curtin)

  • Jones Family Cemetery (Roseburg West)

  • Kellogg Cemetery (Kellogg)

  • La Brie Family Cemeteries (Garden Valley)

  • Lavadoure Cemetery (Milo)

  • Letitia Cemetery (White Rock)

  • Livingston Cemetery (Dixonville)

  • Lower Smith River Cemetery (North Fork)

  • Martindale Cemetery (Camas Valley)

  • Masonic Cemetery (Winchester Bay)

  • McCulloch Cemetery (Tenmile)

  • McGuire Cemetery (Tenmile)

  • Myrtle Creek IOOF Cemetery (Myrtle Creek)

  • Myrtle Creek Pioneer Cemetery (Myrtle Creek)

  • Oak Creek Cemetery (Oak Creek Valley)

  • Oakland Cemetery (Sutherlin)

  • Otey Cemetery (Winchester)

  • Patterson Cemetery (Camas Valley)

  • Pioneer Cemetery (Canyonville)

  • Putnam Cemetery (Putnam Valley)

  • Quines Creek Cemetery (Quines Creek)

  • Rainville Cemetery (Tiller)

  • Reason-Reed Cemetery (Sutherlin)

  • Rondeau Cemetery (Tiller)

  • Roseburg Catholic Cemetery (Roseburg East)

  • Roseburg IOOF Cemetery (Roseburg East)

  • Roseburg Masonic Cemetery (Roseburg East)

  • Roseburg Veterans Cemetery (Roseburg East)

  • Scottsburg Cemetery (Scottsburg)

  • Sutherlin Cemetery (Nonpareil)

  • Thrush Cemetery (Camas Valley)

  • Tyee View Cemetery (Tyee Mountain)

  • Wells Cemetery (Kellogg)

  • Wilbur Cemetery (Winchester)

  • William D Bradley Cemetery (Canyonville)

  • Willis Creek Cemetery (Winston)

  • Yoncalla Cemetery (Yoncalla)


To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Oregon cemetery or submit tombstone photos, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Oregon Submission and Contacts page.

To learn how to record a survey of a Cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submitting It.


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