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Cemetery Transcription Submitter and/or Submitters
American Legion Cemetery, Nehalem  
Neah-Kah-Nie High School               
I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Bay City

Neah-Kah-Nie High School               
Small Cemeteries with single or a few burials in North Tillamook County
Helen Knight
No additional on-line cemetery transcriptions available.  Please Contribute!  As list of needed transcriptions is below.
To contribute a record or to volunteer to transcribe a cemetery, please E-mail Penny Menges-Rodighiero Oregon Tombstone Project manager.
Alley (Family Cemetery) Mohler Tillamook 1885 
American Legion - See Lockwood  Tillamook  
Bailey Tillamook Tillamook  
Bartnick Cape Mears Tillamook 1890 
Batterson  Tillamook  
Beaver Creek, aka Foland United Bretheren Beaver Tillamook 1884 
Blaine Beaver Creek Tillamook 1898 
Browning Blaine Tillamook  
Chatwood Babies Tillamook Tillamook  
Connell Baby  Tillamook  
Dolph Dolph Tillamook  
Dougherty Tillamook Tillamook   Earl Tillamook Tillamook  
Fairview Pioneer  Tillamook  
Fairview, aka Trask Tillamook Tillamook 1861 
Fawcette Pleasant Valley Tillamook  
Fisher Baby  Tillamook  
Foland - See Beaver Creek  Tillamook  
Fraternal Union - See American Legion  Tillamook  
Gist Cloverdale Tillamook 1887 
Hatch (Family Cemetery) Garibaldi Tillamook  
Haynes - See Trout  Tillamook  
Hiram Wesley Smith Tillamook Tillamook  
Hodgdon Netarts Tillamook 1881 
Hutchen Nestucca River Tillamook  
IOOF Tillamook Tillamook 1864  IOOF, Hebo Hebo Tillamook 1896 
Joe Champion - See Trout  Tillamook  
Lakeview - See Woods IOOF  Tillamook  
Lockwood, aka American Legion Netart Bay Tillamook  
Lovell (Family Cemetery) Manzanita Tillamook  
Ludtke Mohler Tillamook 1915 
McCormack Netarts Tillamook 1889 
McCowell Netarts Tillamook 1907 
Moore Netarts Tillamook  
Munson Pleasant Valley Tillamook  
Nehalem Manzanita Tillamook  
Nehalem American Legion  Tillamook  
No Name, Family Cemetery Rob Crawford Homestd Tillamook  
O'Hara Rice Creek Area Tillamook 1856 
Oretown Oretown Tillamook 1886 
Perry Tillamook Tillamook  
Private Netarts Tillamook  
Private Tillamook River Rd Tillamook  
Quick Pleasant Valley Jct Tillamook 1876 
Reinke Sandlake Tillamook  
Root Oceanside Tillamook  
Sacred Heart Catholic Tillamook Tillamook 1903
Sandlake Sandlake Tillamook  
Schwalmas (Family Cemetery)  Tillamook  
Scout Camp Cloverdale Tillamook 1898 
Scovell (Family Cemetery) Mohler Tillamook 1889 
Snyder (Family Cemetery) Manzanita Tillamook  
Stratoff Tillamook Tillamook  
Sunset Gardens  Tillamook  
Sunset Heights Memorial Gardens Tillamook Tillamook 1941 
Sutton Cloverdale Tillamook 1871 
Trask - See Fairview  Tillamook  
Trout, aka Joe Champion; Haynes Tillamook Tillamook  
Union Cloverdale Tillamook 1913 
United Bretheren - See Beaver Creek  Tillamook  
United Brethern Tillamook Tillamook 1884 
Walker Beaver Tillamook 1887 
Wells Tillamook Tillamook 1897 
White Tillamook Tillamook  
Woods IOOF, aka Lakeview Woods Tillamook 1889

Other Cemeteries

These cemeteries are not under the control of the Tombstone Transcription Project, but are listed for your convenience.  
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