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Anderson County
Cemeteries A - C

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BoD = Transcription from
Anderson County Book of the Dead
compiled by Ross Smith
published in the 1960s

Acker Family, Peter
5m (SE) of Anderson
GPS = N34 27.577 x W82 34.850
Photos Nov 2004 David S. Payne
Anderson Baptist (1834-1892)
(Same as Anderson 1st Baptist)
GPS = N34 30.181 x W82 38.790
Anderson Family (Reinterred)
From: GPS = N34 38.708 x W82 51.220
To: Various Churches
    Corps of Engineers
Anderson Family
5m (W) of Williamston
GPS = N34 37.266 x W82 34.526
Photos   Susie May Anderson
Anderson Family, Saxon
6m (W) of Williamston
    Same as A132 Charles Kay Family
Anderson First Baptist(1892)
GPS = N34 30.181 x W82 38.790
Anderson First Presbyterian (1837)
GPS = N34 30.240 x W82 39.230
Anderson First Reformed Presbyterian (1969-1984)
4m (S) of Anderson
    Same As A211 Norris Hill Presbyterian
Anderson Presbyterian (1904)
3m (N) of Anderson
    Same as A043 Concord Presbyterian
Anderson Memorial Gardens (N) 3m (W) of Anderson
GPS =  N34 30.246 x W82 42.424
Photos   A003
Andersonville Baptist (1839)
8m (W) of Anderson
GPS = N34 29.052 x W82 48.270
Photos Dec 2003 Wendy Campbell
Anderson Village Baptist
City of Anderson
    Same as A077 Anderson First Baptist
Andersonville Baptist (Old) (E-503C)
From: GPS = N34 26.976 x W82 51.584
To: Various Churches
    Corps of Engineers
Armstrong Family
3m (SE) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 25.520 x W82 26.630
Photos   A006
Asaville Baptist (1966)
7m (E) of Iva
GPS = N34 30.948 x W82 33.337
Photos   A007
Asbury Clark United Methodist Church Cemetery (1825)
8m (S) of Pendleton
GPS =  N34 32.352 x W82 46.823


Beverly Dean Peoples & Herman Bolt

Brian Bennett
Autun Community
3m (S) Pendleton
    Same as A138 LaFrance
Bamer Methodist
4m (S) of Pendleton
    Same as A329 Zion Methodist
Barker's Creek Baptist   BoD-006
2m (W) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 26.192 x W82 26.744
Photos   WPA
Barkley Family   BoD-007
4m (SW) ofWilliamston
GPS = N34 35.141 x W82 31.984
Photos   Wendy Campbell
Barnes Station Baptist
3m (S) of Iva
    Same as A289 Union Baptist
Beaverdam Baptist Church Cemetery (1852)  BoD-008
5m (W) of Pelzer
GPS = N34 38.385 x W82 33.063
Beaverdam Presbyterian (1803)
4m (NE) of Fair Play
Beaverdam Presbyterian (1877)
    Same as A193 Nazareth Beaverdam
Belton, City of   BoD-009
GPS = N34 31.265 x W82 29.985
Photos   A012
Bennett Family Cemetery (1827)   BoD-010
4m (SE) of Anderson
GPS = N34 28.656 x W82 34.899
Photos   WPA
Bethany Baptist (1884)   BoD-011
7m (SW) of Belton
GPS = N34 25.766 x W82 30.476
Photos   A014, WPA
Bethany Methodist (1875)
7m (NE) of Pendleton
GPS = N34 40.915 x W82 40.011
Photos   A015
Bethel Church of God
3m (SW) of Piedmont
GPS =  N34 40.212 x W82 30.912
Photos   A016
Bethel Methodist (1881)
.3m (W) of Pelzer
GPS = N34 38.647 x W82 27.781
(Same as Monkey Memorial Park)
.3m (W) of Pelzer
Bethesda Baptist (1821)
6m (SW) of Anderson
    Same as A207 Mountain Creek Meeting House
Bethesda Methodist (1836)   BoD-012
1m (S) of Powersville
GPS =  N34 46.661 x W82 29.363
Photos Sep 2004 Lowry Wilson
Bethesda Methodist (1839-1860)
3m (NW) of Starr
    Same as A115 McThursday Baptist
Bethlehem Methodist (N) (1897-1933)
Bethlehem Methodist (N) (1875)
8m (SE) Anderson
Bethlehem Lutheran (1876)   BoD-013
4m (S) of Townville
GPS = N34 30.362 x W82 53.386
Bethlehem Methodist 4m (S) of Townville
Photos Nov 2003 Gary Flynn - KE8FD

A023 called Bethlehem Methodist on 1897 map

Bethlehem Methodist (1870)
6m (SE) of Anderson
GPS = N34 25.598 x W82 36.018
Photos   A326
Beulah Methodist (1888)   BoD-014
6m (W) of Piedmont
GPS = N34 41.050 x W82 33.716
Photos   A024
Big Creek Baptist (1789)   BoD-015
1m (SE) of Williamston
GPS = N34 36.428 x W82 27.413
Photos   Wendy Campbell
Bishop Branch Baptist
4m (NE) of Pendleton
GPS = N34 40.631 x W82 42.731
    Same as A330 Corinth Baptist #2
Blassingame Family
.1m (N) of Powdersville
GPS = N34 47.754 x W82 29.615
Photos Aug 2000 Lowry Wilson
Bradaway / Broadway Presbyterian
(1770 -1851)

5m (SW) of Belton
GPS = Belton Presbyterian (1983)
Breazeale Family (Reinterred)   BoD-017
From: Est. GPS =
To: A054 Dorchester Baptist
GPS = N34 32.716 x W82 31.225
Photos   Wendy Campbell
Broadmouth Baptist (1837)
2m (NE) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 27.586 x W82 21.086
Photos   A028
Broadmouth Baptist, New (1887)
4m (N) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 29.623 x W82 24.154
Photos   A339
Brown Family   BoD-016d
2.5m (NW) of Anderson
GPS = N34 31.460 x W82 41.173
Brushy/Brush Creek Baptist (1791-1803)
6m (W) of Piedmont (Same as Mount Pisgah A180)
Brushy Top Baptist (1836)
7m (SW) of Honea Path
(Same as Mount Bethel Baptist)
Buchannan Family   BoD-016a
6m NW of Starr
GPS = N34 24.890 x W82 46.644
Burris Family   BoD-016b
3m (SW) of Anderson
GPS = N34 27.736 x W82 40.175
Photos   A068
Burriss-Eskew Family (1840)
From: GPS = N34 32.539 x W82 40.231
To: A250 Salem Baptist
GPS = N34 32.852 x W82 41.747
Eskew Family   BoD-038
From: GPS = N34 32.539 x W82 40.231
To: GPS = N34 27.736 x W82 40.175
Photos   Wendy Campbell
Byrum-LeBoon Family   BoD-016
2m (W) of Anderson
GPS = N34 29.965 x W82 40.414
Photos   A031, CS-3, WPA
Calvary Baptist (1942)   BoD-018
6m (S) of Liberty
GPS = N34 42.195 x W82 40.523
Photos   A032
Campbell Family   BoD-018a
5m (NE) of Anderson
Carmel Presbyterian
2m (NW) of Slabtown
(Same as A225 Pickens Chapel)
Carswell Baptist(1876)   BoD-019
5m (NE) of Iva
GPS =  N34 20.833 x W82 36.080
Casey Family, Iva     A035
Cedar Grove Baptist (N) (1862)
4m (SE) of Belton
GPS = N34 27.879 x W82 28.253
Photos Feb 2008 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Cedar Grove Baptist (1885)   BoD-021
3m (S) of Williamston
GPS = N34 34.770 x W82 29.808
Same as Crosstie Baptist
3m (S) of Williamston
Cedar Grove Methodist   BoD-020
2m (SE) of Townville
GPS = N34 32.835 x W82 50.931
Photos   A038
Childers Family   BoD-022
2m (SE) of Powdersville
GPS = N34 46.247 x W82 28.022
Photos   Wendy Campbell
Clardy Family    BoD-023
3m (SW) of Piedmont
GPS = N34 40.701 x W82 30.742
Clardy Family, John B. Sr.
1m (N) of Piedmont
GPS = N34 43.386 x W82 28.254
Photos Dec 2003 Lowry Wilson
Clinkscales Family
3m (NE) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 28.601 x W82 21.150
Francis Clinkscales DAR Memorial Marker

May 2005  
Concord Baptist (1907) (Link)
3m (N) of Anderson
GPS = N34 32.700 x W82 39.037
Photos   A042, WPA
Concord Presbyterian (1907)   BoD-105
3m (N) of Anderson
GPS = N34 32.732 x W82 39.113
 Moorehead Meeting Place, Robert
3m (N) of Anderson
 Anderson Presbyterian (1904)
3m (N) of Anderson
 Six & Twenty Presbyterian
3m (N) of Anderson
Photos   Wendy Campbell
WPA transcription
Cooley Family
Greenville County
GPS = N34 31.904 x W82 21.699
Photos   A198
Cooper Family, John
1.5m (E) of Powdersville, in Greenville County
GPS = N34 47.654 x W82 27.564
Photos Dec 2000 Lowry Wilson
Cornith Church (1882)
Cornith Church of Christ
Cornith Baptist
Corinth Baptist #1   BoD-026
5m (S) of Easley
GPS =  N34 45.743 x W82 35.541
Photos   All same
Corinth Baptist #2
4m (NE) of Pendleton
GPS = N34 40.631 x W82 42.731
Now called Bishop Branch Baptist
Cox Family, J.(?) H.
3m (SW) of Williamston
GPS = N34 35.076 x W82 26.430
Cox Family, Reuben
5m (N) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 30.564 x W82 24.138
Photos Sep 2004 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Cox-Grubbs Family
Cross Roads Baptist (1832-1836), Starr
(Same as Starr Baptist)
Cross Roads Methodist (N) (1885)
2m (SW) Iva
GPS = N34 17.762 x W82 40.797
Photos Nov 2007 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Crosstie Baptist (Same as Cedar Grove Baptist),
3m (S) of Williamston


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BoD = Transcription from
Anderson County Book of the Dead
compiled by Ross Smith
published in the 1960s


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