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Anderson County
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BoD = Transcription from
Anderson County Book of the Dead
compiled by Ross Smith
published in the 1960s

Saint James Methodist (N) (1910)
4m (N) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 29.831 x W82 24.223
Photos Jan 2008 Gary Flynn - KE8FD OPDGS called it Saint Jeans in error
Saint Joseph's Catholic Parish (1881)   BoD-140 From: 134 McDuffie, Anderson in 1967 To: A080 Forest Lawn GPS = N34 32.253 x W82 34.872      
Saint Paul Methodist (N) (1913) 1m (N) of Iva GPS =     Need help finding & recording cemetery CS-5
Saint Paul Methodist 1m SE of Honea Path GPS =     Need help finding & recording cemetery
Saint Paul Methodist  (1803)   BoD-142 Powdersville GPS =  N34 46.772 x W82 32.352 Photos  Feb 2004 Gretchen Ellison CS-3 & 4
Saint Paul's Methodist (1822)   BoD-141 .2m (E) of Pendleton GPS = N34 39.088 x W82 46.614 Photos   CS-3, WPA
Saint Peter's Methodist (N) (1876) 1.5m (S) of Powdersville GPS = N34 46.231 x W82 29.283 Photos  Jan 2008 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (1798) (Old)   BoD-111
5m (NW) of Anderson
GPS = N34 33.123 x W82 43.351
Photos Feb 2005 Gary Flynn - KE8FD, CS-5
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (1964) (New)   BoD-135
4m (NW) of Anderson GPS = N34 32.852 x W82 41.747
Photos Feb 2005 Gary Flynn - KE8FD, CS-5
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (African American) (1895)
4m (NW) of Anderson
GPS = N34 34.121 x W82 36.879
Photos  Jan 2008 Gary Flynn - KE8FD  
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, aka Fowler's Methodist Meeting House
2.5m (SE) of Powdersville, Greenville County
GPS = N34 47.110 x W82 26.867
  Sep 2004 Paul M. Kankula & Lowry Wilson
Sandy Springs Methodist (1869)   BoD-129 4m (SE) of Pendleton GPS = N34 35.819 x W82 44.733 LaFrance Textile Mill 3m (S) of Pendleton Photos     CS-4, WPA       Graves 75-150' from east side of A252
Sandy Springs Presbyterian (1832-1842) 4m (S) of Pendleton     Same as A186 Mount Zion Presbyterian (1842)
Savannah Pentecostal Fire Baptist Holiness 5m (W) of Iva GPS = N34 19.143 x W82 44.826 Photos   Sep 2004 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Savannah Methodist (1881-1887) 5m (W) of Iva Photos    Same as A191 Mountain View Methodist
Savannah Valley Church of God   BoD-130 6m (SW) of Iva GPS = N34 14.745 x W82 43.260 Photos   Wendy Campbell, bought old Fellowship Baptist building, CS-5
Saxton Family 6m (W) of Williamston     Same as A132 Kay
Shadow Grove Baptist 4m (E) of Belton     Same as A255 Shady Grove Baptist
Shady Grove Baptist (1833)   BoD-131 4m (E) of Belton GPS = N34 32.208 x W82 26.219 Shadow Grove Baptist 4m (E) of Belton Photos  Sep 2005 Mary Cawthon Family CS-1     Same as A255
Sharon Methodist (1873)   BoD-132 6m (S) of Liberty GPS = N34 42.602 x W82 42.370 Photos   CS-3 & 5
Shekinaw Glory New Testament 5m (SW) of Anderson GPS = N34 26.529 x W82 43.283 Photos    Need help recording cemetery 
Shiloh Baptist (1859)   BoD-134 6m (W) of Starr GPS = N34 24.318 x W82 47.717 Photos    Old A354 Shocky Ferry Baptist
Shiloh Baptist (1881) .5m (NE) of Townville GPS = N34 34.361 x W82 53.081 Photos  Jan 2005 Mary Cawthon Family
Shiloh Baptist (N) (1861) 8m (SE) of Anderson GPS = N34 24.181 x W82 35.178 Parker Baptist 8m (SE) of Anderson Photos  Feb 2008 Gary Flynn - KE8FD    Same as A233
Shiloh Methodist, South (1815-1938)   BoD-111a ?
2m (W) of Piedmont   Shiloh Methodist (1939)   BoD-133 2m (W) of Piedmont GPS =  N34 41.904 x W82 30.103
Photos    Aka as A002 Richardson Family, DESECRATED  CS-4
Shocky Ferry Baptist (C-300) (1780-1826) From: GPS = N34 22.188 x W82 49.574  To: A233 Providence Methodist GPS = N34 27.072 x W82 48.782     Corps of Engineers Became A047 Shiloh Baptist
Siloam Baptist   BoD-136 1m (S) of Powdersville GPS =  N34 46.769 x W82 29.418 (Caucasian)GPS =  N34 46.716 x W82 29.424 (Negro) Photos  Jun 2004 Lowry Wilson CS-8
Silver Brook Cemetery (1886) (Old)   BoD-112
1m (SE) of Anderson GPS = N34 29.561 x W82 38.313 (Main Entrance)
Brookside Section

Edgewood Section
Evergreen Section
Hillcrest Section
Laurel Hill Section
Magnola Section
Oakwood Section
Pinehurst Section
Potters Field
GPS = N34 29.452 x W82 38.013
Southside Section
Summit Section
Sunny Slope Section
Western Slope Section
Westview Section

Need help finding & recording cemetery

Adopted sections:
Hollywood Section, partial survey (need complete survey)
  Jul 2010 Loretta Brown Aldrich
Silver Brook Cemetery
New (1949)  
2m (SE) of Anderson GPS = N34 29.153 x W82 38.057
Silver Spring Baptist (N) (1874) .25m N of Pendleton GPS = N34 39.383 x W82 47.076 Photos  Dec 2007 Gary Flynn - KE8FD  
Simpson Family   BoD-137 3m (E) of Pendleton GPS =  N34 38.804 x W82 43.493 Photos     Wendy Campbell CS-5
Simpson Family, G.W.   BoD-137a 4m NW of Iva GPS = N34 19.357 x W82 43.660 Photos     
Simpson Meeting House 8m (SW) of Anderson     Same as A239 Roberts Presbyterian
Six & Twenty Baptist (1835)   BoD-138 7m (E) of Pendleton GPS =  N34 40.159 x W82 38.000 Photos     CS-4
Six & Twenty Presbyterian 3m (N) of Anderson     Same as A043 Concord Presbyterian
Six & Twenty Presbyterian 6m (S) of Easley     Same as A225 Pickens Chapel
Slabtown Presbyterian 7m S of Easley   Slabtown Memorial Park   BoD-113 7m S of Easley GPS =  N34 42.558 x W82 36.753 Photos    Became A266 Slabtown Memorial   CS-2 & 3
Sloan Plantation (T-2024C) From: Est. GPS = N34 30.049 x W82 49.051 To: A004 Andersonville Baptist GPS = N34 29.052 x W82 48.270 Photos    Corps of Engineers
Smith Family, Mary   BoD-077 4m (SE) of Anderson GPS = N34 28.195 x W82 35.517 Photos     
Smith Family, Whitaker   BoD-158 6m (SE) of Pendleton GPS N34 36.702 x W82 41.394 Photos     WPA
Smith's Chapel Methodist (1843)   BoD-139a 5m (NE) of Starr GPS = N34 24.209 x W82 36.794 Independence Methodist Meeting House (c.1826) (200 yds (S) of A083) Photos  Dec 2003 A. Deason Smith       Same as A083
Smith's Chapel Methodist   BoD-139 5m (SE) of Townville GPS = N34 30.852 x W82 50.911 Photos Jun 2003
Feb 2000
Roger Johns   Wanda Schuler
Snow Hill Baptist (N)  1.5m (E) of Fair Play GPS =  N34 30.653 x W82 57.470 Photos Dec 2007 Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Snowhill Methodist   BoD-113a Piercetown Est. GPS = N34 38.950 x W82 35.825   Mar 2001 Joe (Unknown)   Landowner preventing visitation
Spearman Family 2m SW of Iva GPS = N34 17.125 x W82 41.470 Photos     Wendy Campbell CS-7
Spearman Family .5m (W) of Piedmont GPS = N34 42.146 x W82 28.523 Photos     Need help recording cemetery
Springfield Baptist (1935) Belton GPS =     Need help finding & recording cemetery
Springfield Methodist (1890) 14m (W) of Anderson GPS =     Need help finding & recording cemetery
Stanton-Stauton Family
2m (SE) of Powdersville
GPS = N34 46.480 x W82 27.271
Photos    Need help recording cemetery 
Starr Baptist (1885)   BoD-143 Starr GPS = N34 22.589 x W82 41.804  Cross Roads Baptist (1832-1836) Starr Photos Apr 2003 Beverly Peoples     Became A275
Starr Methodist (1861) Starr GPS = N34 22.589 x W82 41.804 See A275   Cemetery part of A275 Starr Baptist
Stone, George (Grave) Unknown GPS =     Need help finding, marker moved or desecrated, CS-3
Strawpen Baptist (1836) 7m (SW) of Honea Path     Same as A176 Mount Bethel Baptist
Sunset Forest Baptist (1912-1938)
3m (W) of Anderson
    Need help finding & recording cemetery
Sweet Canaan Baptist (N) (1871) 4m (W) of Piedmont GPS =  N34 43.281 x W82 31.826 Photos    Need help recording cemetery
Taylor, William (grave)   BoD-144a 5m (NE) of Iva GPS = N34 20.686 x W82 36.052 Photos     
Teague Family, Elijah (1868)   BoD-144b
3m (E) of Townville
GPS = N34 33.347 x W82 49.650
Photos   Apr 2005 Gary Flynn - KE8FD BoD-144b
Tim / Timm / Timms Family
3m SW of Piercetown
Est. GPS = N34 38.366 x W82 39.050
    CS-7   Landowner preventing visitation
Todd Family 5m (S) of Belton GPS = N34 27.740 x W82 31.469 Photos    CS-7
Townville Baptist (1851)   BoD-146 Townville GPS = N34 33.912 x W82 53.805 Photos    Cawthon Family CS-3
Townville Methodist   BoD-147 Townville GPS =     Need help finding cemetery
Townville Presbyterian (1885)   BoD-148 Townville (Oconee County) Photos   See A193 Beaverdam Presbyterian
Triangle Baptist (1900)
3m (W) of Belton
    Called A285 Major Family in error
Trinity Methodist (1887)   BoD-150 6m (N) of Anderson GPS = N34 34.964 x W82 38.684  Rock Spring Methodist Meeting House 6m (N) of Anderson  Rock Spring Methodist 6m (N) of Anderson Honea Path Methodist 6m (N) of Anderson Photos    Wendy Campbell CS-4, WPA   Same as A286   Same as A286   Same as A286
Trussell Family N of Honea Path Est.     Need help finding moved grave(s) & recording cemetery
Tucker Family   BoD-151 7m (E) of Iva GPS = N34 20.844 x W82 33.867 Photos    Need help recording cemetery, CS-1/3


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