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Anderson County
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BoD = Transcription from
Anderson County Book of the Dead
compiled by Ross Smith
published in the 1960s

Parker Baptist
8m (SE) of Anderson
Same as A233 Shiloh Baptist
  Photos Nov 2001 Corps of Engineers, A355
Patterson, Anne (Grave)
5m (SE) of Easley
GPS =  N34 47.174 x W82 32.331
      Lowry Wilson, A220
Payne Famil
2m (NE) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 27.692 x W82 21.183
  Photos    A141, Need help recording cemetery 
Pelzer Memorial Park
GPS = N34 38.880 x W82 27.872
BoD-115 Photos   A221
Pendleton First Baptist (1842)
GPS = N34 38.820 x W82 46.924
BoD-116  Photos   A222, WPA
Pendleton Methodist (1825)
GPS = N34 38.921 x W82 46.893
BoD-117 Photos   A223, WPA
Pendleton Presbyterian Church Cemetery, aka Hopewell Presbyterian, Hopewell Penndleton, & Pendleton-Keowee Presbyterian Cemetery, (1789)
GPS =  N34 38.718 x W82 46.929
BoD-118 Photos     CS-3, WPA
Pendleton-Keowee Presbyterian Pendleton       Same as A224 Pendleton, name change 3 of 4
Pickens Methodist Meeting House 6m S of Easley       Became Pickens Chapel Methodist
Pickens Chapel Methodist 6m S of Easley       Became A225 Pickens Presbyterian
Pickens Presbyterian Church Cemetery, aka   Pickens Methodist Meeting House, Pickens Chapel Methodist, Wesley Chapel Methodist, Pickens Presbyterian,  Six & Twenty Presbyterian
6m S of Easley
GPS = N34 44.391 x W82 35.494
BoD-119 Photos  Mar 2004 Gretchen Ellison CS-3 & 5
Pine Gap Holiness Cemetery, aka Wesleyan Fellowship Cemetery (Old)
5m (W) of Iva
GPS = N34 15.696 x W82 44.006
BoD-076c Photos     
Pine Lawn Memorial
GPS = N34 38.994 x W82 27.923
  Photos   Jan 2008 A226, Anthony Smith
Piney Grove Baptist
5m (S) of Pendleton
GPS = N34 14.258 x W82 42.132
  Photos     A324, Need help recording cemetery
Piney Grove Baptist (African American)
5m (S) of Pendleton
GPS = N34 34.989 x W82 44.565
  Photos   18 Dec 2007 A327, Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Pisgah Baptist (1824) 6m (W) of Piedmont       Same as A180 Mount Pisgah Baptist
Pleasant Grove Baptist (1868)
2m (SE) of Starr
GPS = N34 21.234 x W82 38.586
  Photos Jan 1995 A227, E.E. Vaughn
Pleasant Hill Baptist (1873) (African American)
6m (S) of Belton
GPS = N34 26.197 x W82 31.194
  Photos     A228, Need help recording cemetery
Pleasant View Baptist (1890)
2m (S) of Powdersville
GPS =  N34 45.369 x W82 29.907
  Photos  Jan 2008 A229, Gary Flynn - KE8FD
Pool Family, Robert
2.5m (NE) of Anderson
GPS = N34 32.214 x W82 37.361
  Photos  May 2004 A242, Contact John & Shirley Shamel of Anderson
Poor/ Poore / Poors Family
4m (NW) of Belton
GPS = N34 33.533 x W82 25.874
BoD-119a Photos     A319, Wendy Campbell CS-1
Poor Family   BoD-119b       No Book-of-the-Dead tombstone inscriptions were recorded by Ross Smith for this cemetery
Poor Farm Cemetery, aka Dentention Center Cemetery
3m (NW) of Anderson
GPS = N34 32.238 x W82 40.587
  Photos   Jul 2000 A230    , Dean Craft - W4IHK See plaque images for inscriptions, CS-1
Popular Spring Baptist
5m (W) of Iva
GPS =  N34 18.751 x W82 45.023
BoD-120 Photos    A231, CS-4 & 5
Powdersville Holiness
2m (E) of Powdersville
      Same as A165 McNeely Family
Providence Methodist (1765
9m (SW) of Anderson
GPS =  N34 27.072 x W82 48.782
BoD-121 Photos    A232, CS-3, 4 & 5
Reid Family (Plantation?)
3.5m (NNW) of Honea Path
GPS = N34 29.052 x W82 25.484
  Photos     A343, Need help recording cemetery
Rice Family
5m (S) of Belton
GPS = N34 26.408 x W82 32.008
BoD-123 Photos    A237, Wendy Campbell CS-1, WPA
Richardson Family
3m (SW) of Piedmont
GPS = N34 41.29 x W82 30.19
  Photos    A002, Need help recording cemetery DESECRATED
Richardson Family (Grave) (E-524C)
From: GPS = N34 28.367 x W82 48.953
To: A004 Andersonville Baptist
GPS = N34 29.052 x W82 48.270
      A365, Corps of Engineers
Richey, William & Mary (Graves)
2m (NW) of Piercetown
GPS = N34 40.258 x W82 37.379
BoD-123a Photos  May 2005 A238
Phil Mayer CS-5
Richmond-Carmel Presbyterian Chapel
2m (NW) of Slabtown
      Same as A225 Pickens Chapel
Roberts Presbyterian Cemetery, aka Old Camp Meeting Place, aka Simpson Meeting Plade
8m (SW) of Anderson
GPS =  N34 27.505 x W82 47.273
BoD-124 Photos    CS-7
Rock Spring Methodist 6m (African American) of Anderson       Same as A286 Trinity Methodist
Rock Spring Methodist Meeting House (African American)
6m of Anderson
      Same as Rock Springs Methodist
Rocky River Baptist (1856)
3m (E) of Iva
GPS = N34 17.825 x W82 36.178
BoD-125 Photos     A291, Started as A345 Wilson's Creek Baptist #1
Rose Hill Memorial (1887)
0.8m NE of Piedmont
GPS = N34 42.490 x W82 27.319
BoD-126 Photos    A997, Greenville County
Ruhamah Methodist (1823)   BoD-127 7m (W) of Starr GPS = N34 23.518 x W82 48.838   Photos    A243, CS-8
Rutledge Family
9m (W) of Starr
      Same as A066 Emerson Family


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