Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
A Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Abbott, Cosette Image 75K
Amador, Juan Alberto Image 178K
Amos, Okey B. Image 203K
Amos, Okey Blaine (Military Marker) Image 95K
Amos, Ruby Jewell Image 203K
Anderson, Leonard E. Image 100K
Anderson, Ollie R. Image 100K
Andrade, Aurelio Image 181K
Andrade, Jesse D. Image 146K
Andrade, Lucadia R. Image 102K
Andrade, Luz R. Image 181K
Andrade, Mike G. Image 102K
Andrews, Diane Cantwell Image 78K
Andrews, James Ben Image 78K
Andrews, Paulina M. Hill Image 230K
Andrews, Paulina M. Hill (Closeup) Image 40K
Andrews, Edwin Dean Image 230K
Angell, Helen L. Image 160K
Antrim, Charles E. Image 182K
Antrim, Mary Doris Image 182K
Antrim, Patricia Lea Image 103K
Antrim, Rose Nell Image 207K
Antrim, S(amuel) V. "Bun" Image 207K
Apsley, Grant H. (Military Marker) Image 162K
Apsley, Grant Image 194K
Apsley, Ester Image 194K
Aquina, Hector Image 163K
Arnold, Cherie Diane Image 73K
Atkins, Bryan L(ee). Image 117K
Axthelm, Florence M. (Closeup) Image 41K
Axthelm, Florence M. Image 227K
Axthelm, Preston W. Image 227K
Axthelm, Preston W. (Closeup) Image 40K
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