Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
G Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Gammell, Derman T. Image 211K
Gammell, E. Alyce Image 228K
Gangrell, Naomi Porter Image 156K
Gant, Frank G. Image 170K
Gant, Velma M. Image 170K
Gantt, Robert Verne Image 151K
Gaona, Felipa Image 96K
Gaona, Nicolas Image 96K
Gaona, Velma Joyce Sims  
Garamajo, Carlos Image 133K
Garcia, Abraham Image 142K
Garcia, Sara Image 124K
Gardner, Dwight L. Image 182K
Gardner, Viola V. Image 182K
Gardner, Ethel V. Image 65K
Gardner, Lonnie B. Image 65K
Garth, Kevin Image 215K
Gauerke, Alvin E. Image 106K
Gauerke, Vivian G. Image 106K
Gibbons, Shawn Paul Image 72K
Gibbs, Kenneth A. Image 123K
Gibbs, Rosebelle B. Image 123K
Gilbert, Oscar T. (Closeup) Image 33K
Gilbert, Oscar T. Image 59K
Gilbert, Viola Image 59K
Gilbert, Viola (Closeup) Image 32K
Gillispie, William G. Image 111K
Gillispie, Wilma R. Image 133K
Gilpin, Kenneth (Pete) Image 78K
Glover, Baby Boy Image 103K
Glover, Barbara Erma Image 103K
Glover, James Herberet Image 103K
Glover, Bert Image 75K
Glover, Marie Image 75K
Goos, Cecil A. Image 59K
Goos, Lucille L. Image 59K
Gordon, James R. Image 176K
Gordon, Jennie H. Image 168K
Gordon, Otto D. Image 140K
Gowan, Stacy Kaye Musgrave Image 76K
Graber, Larry W. Image 133K
Graham, Clifford R. Image 71K
Graham, Lydia L. Image 71K
Graham, Harold S. Image 149K
Graham, Lucille Image 158K
Graham, R. Leon (Military) Image 110K
Graham, R. Leon Image 117K
Graham, Connie Image 117K
Grant, Chester L. Image 110K
Grant, Juanita I. Image 110K
Grant, Donald R. (Closeup) Image 38K
Grant, Donald R. Image 63K
Grant, Ethel M. Image 63K
Grant, Edith M. (Closeup) Image 37K
Grant, Edith M. Image 55K
Grant, Robert E. Image 55K
Grant, Robert E. (Closeup) Image 36K
Graves, Amanda Beth Image 127K
Graves, Anne L. Image 83K
Graves, Richard D. Image 83K
Graves, Donald Image 169K
Gray, Herbert W. Image 128K
Green, Wilma G. Image 99K
Green, Maurice S. Image 99K
Gregg, Alice Image 187K
Gregg, Betty (Closeup) Image 58K
Gregg, Betty Image 57K
Gregg, Elmer Image 57K
Gregg, Elmer (Closeup) Image 53K
Gregg, Edna I. Image 68K
Gregg, Robert A. Image 68K
Griffin, Charles C. Image 108K
Griffin, Ruby C. Image 108K
Griffin, Lonnie E. Image 73K
Griffin, Robbie W. Image 73K
Grimes, Rose Mary Image 156K
Grinslade, Bernard L. Image 168K
Grisier, Marietta A. Image 81K
Grisier, Verlan L. Image 81K
Grisier, Verlan L. (Closeup) Image 41K
Guild, Donald E. Image 184K
Guild, Laressa I. Image 184K
Guinn, Ronald Eli Image 92K
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