Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
B Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Bagshaw, Melba Image 160K
Bagshaw, Willis Image 160K
Bailey, Katie L. Image 107K
Bailey, Virgil C. Image 107K
Baker, Ada B. Image 232K
Baker, Arthur L. Image 192K
Baker, Fred F. Image 95K
Baker, Richard K. Image 95K
Ballard, Harold E. Image 127K
Ballard, Iva I. Image 170K
Barker, Clyde R. Image 162K
Barlow, Harvey J. Image 87K
Barlow, Hildred G. Image 87K
Barlow, V. Joy Image 160K
Barnes, Karen D. Image 104K
Barrett, Bertha E. Image 201K
Barton, Jeri Ann Image 77K
Barton, Jessie "Lee" Image 77K
Barton, Richard Maxwell Image 121K
Bauer, Duane Image 232K
Bauer, Erna C. Image 215K
Bauer, Lois Image 232K
Bauer, Otto H. Image 215K
Beard, Jewel Image 94K
Bedford, Wm. (Cody) Image 168K
Beeson, William A. Image 155K
Bell, E. H. "Pedro" Image 47K
Bell, Janice Image 47K
Bently, E. H. (Sleepy) Image 127K
Bently, Eva H. Image 173K
Berens, Arthur J. "Ace" Image 97K
Berens, Norma Jean (Biddle) Image 97K
Berry, Bedford Jr. Image 182K
Berry, Helen Image 182K
Berry, Lanelle M. Image 182K
Best, Strauther A. Image 143K
Bickerstaff, Brian Image 32K
Bickerstaff, Clifton B Image 112K
Biddle, Brandie Image 201K
Bing, Bennie L Image 95K
Bing, Loyd K Image 90K
Bissett, Clarance Adlore Image 117K
Black, Franklin F. Image 152K
Black, Kent E. Image 145K
Black, Viola G. Image 99K
Blagrave, Francis "Dean" Image 154K
Blagrave, Mary "Jeanie" Image 154K
Blair, Carolene P. Image 190K
Blair, Sidney G. Image 190K
Blevins, Ray Image 94K
Blinn, Edgar C. Image 199K
Bloom, Lewis A. Image 231K
Bloom, Mildred C. Image 231K
Bohannan, J. B. Image 143K
Bohannan, Julia Jane Image 143K
Bohannan, Mary Katherine Image 90K
Boileau, Ella E. Image 86K
Boileau, Metta Irene Image 164K
Boileau, Samuel A. Image 86K
Bolton, Cleveland C. Image 87K
Bolton, Cleveland C. (Closeup) Image 33K
Bolton, Marie E. Image 87K
Bolton, Marie E. (Closeup) Image 36K
Bonsall, Melva I. Image 75K
Bonsall, Milton H. Image 75K
Boor, Clarence R. Image 91K
Boor, Martha A. Image 91K
Bowers, J. Mark Image 75K
Bowers, Thelma I. Image 75K
Bowman, Berdene C. Image 89K
Bowman, Wm. David Image 89K
Bozarth, Darrell R. Image 50K
Bozarth, Darrell R. (Closeup) Image 32K
Bozarth, Margie H. Image 50K
Bozarth, Margie H. (Closeup) Image 31K
Brack, Georgeanne A. Image 153K
Brack, Vernon B. Image 153K
Brackeen, Nola Image 99K
Brackeen, Roger Image 99K
Brandes, Robert H. Image 202K
Branstine, Charles Image 73K
Branstine, Grace M. Image 73K
Brasca, Frank Joseph Image 104K
Brightup, Arlene Image 59K
Brightup, Margaret R. Image 102K
Brightup, Robert Image 59K
Brock, Gwen N. Image 88K
Brock, John C. Image 88K
Brock, Ricky Image 188K
Brollier, Darlene Rae (Closeup) Image 43K
Brollier, Darlene Rae (Snyder) Image 106K
Brooks, A. W. "sam" Image 204K
Brooks, June Image 204K
Brown, Clarice Image 174K
Brown, Daniel Lee Image 164K
Brown, Erna Image 61K
Brown, Gertrude B. Image 68K
Brown, Lloyd G. Image 68K
Brown, Marlin Image 61K
Brown, Mary Magdalene Image 48K
Brown, Max E. Image 174K
Brown, Tommie Lee Image 48K
Bruce, Euty Farice Image 160K
Bruce, Iris Geraldine Image 160K
Bruce, James E. Image 155K
Bruchie, James W. Image 44K
Bruchie, James W. (Closeup) Image 33K
Bruchie, Zula F. Image 44K
Bruchie, Zula F. (Closeup) Image 34K
Bryant, Delbert E. Image 65K
Bryant, Kathleen D. Image 65K
Buller, Faye E. Wahl Image 158K
Bunting, Helen M. Image 176K
Burks, William F. Image 100K
Burnes, Ransom "Buster" Image 198K
Burns, Cecilia C. Image 176K
Burrows, Billie J. Image 175K
Burrows, John R. Image 175K
Busby, Gladys Image 71K
Busby, Leonard C. Image 71K
Bushart, Helen A. Image 163K
Bushart, Lora M. Image 173K
Butcher, Dr Joseph M. Image 136K
Butcher, Loubel Image 149K
Buxton, Glelndon D. Image 95K
Buxton, Paul M. Image 224K
Buxton, Pearl M. Image 224K
Buxton, Richard P. Image 95K
Byerley, Alice J. Meler Image 97K
Byerley, Bob Image 148K
Byerley, L. Clayton Image 97K
Byerley, Verl Melroy Image 204K
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