Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
L Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Lagunas, Alejo R., Sr Image 87K
Lagunas, Margarito P. Image 139K
Lambert, Amy I. & Lloyd I. Image 72K
Lamon, Leona P. & Roy H. Image 50K
Lamon, Sgt Roy A. Image 85K
Lancester, Ila F., R.n. Image 86K
Landis, Dr Larry K. Image 71K
Langley, Reece W. Image 201K
Larsen, Katherine M. Image 139K
Laudick, Brandon Lee Image 96K
Lemonnier, Edwin H. Image 105K
Lemonnier, R. Beatrice Image 125K
Leveque, Clayton F. & Fern E. Image 188K
Leal, Elsie F. Image 85K
Leonard, Johnie Lee Image 170K
Lewis, Earl L. Image 195K
Lewis, Floyd E. & Leta Image 62K
Leyva, Carlos Image 56K
Light, L. Bertha & Owen J. Image 205K
Lindenmuth, Effie & Howard Image 131K
Lindsay, Ruby M. & William O. Image 228K
Lloyd, Blanche Mae Image 195K
Lloyd, Raymond M. Image 191K
Long, Stacy Lorine Image 89K
Lopez, Natalie Rodriguez Image 92K
Louderback, Helen M. & Paul A (Front) Image 125K
Louderback, Helen M. & Paul A (Back) Image 80K
Lounsbury, Clarence & Ellen Image 81K
Loveall, Bobby Leon Image 66K
Loveall, Lawton L. & Marguerite M. Image 53K
Lyda, Jimi Image 214K
Lyda, Ludy G. Image 168K
Lyda, Ruth Marie Image 184K
Lynch, Doris E. Image 160K
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