Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
D Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
David, Dorothy Image 93K
Davidson, Joseph A. Image 162K
Davidson, Mary Elizabeth Image 152K
Davidson, William Lee Image 152K
Davis, Alta J. Image 70K
Davis, Craig F. Image 114K
Davis, Frank W. Image 200K
Davis, Griffith C. Image 53K
Davis, Howard L. Image 70K
Davis, Katherine S. Image 184K
Davis, Malvin J. Image 79K
Davis, Malvin Jacob  
Davis, Murrell Image 184K
Dawson, Neil A., Jr  
Deaton, Enoche E. Image 94K
Deaton, Infant Image 178K
Deaton, Irene V. Image 94K
Deaton, Joseph (Closeup) Image 34K
Deaton, Joseph C. Image 67K
Deaton, May Image 67K
Deaton, May (Closeup) Image 37K
Decamp, Clarissa E. Image 68K
Decamp, William Image 68K
Degan, Myrtle Image 172K
Delay, Leann K Image 172K
Degan, Raymond J. Image 171K
Denney, Meta O. Image 63K
Denney, Meta O. (Closeup) Image 27K
Denney, Wilson Image 63K
Denney, Wilson (Closeup) Image 31K
Dettmer, Ambrosia J. Image 50K
Dettmer, Herman "Bert" Image 50K
Dick, Elizabeth Ann Image 151K
Dick, Frank Image 225K
Dick, Franklin Dean Image 169K
Dick, Helen Marie Image 171K
Dick, Marie G. Image 225K
Dillard, Gary L. Image 225K
Dominguez, Jose Santos Marin, Jr Image 114K
Dominguez, Jose Santos Marin, Jr (Closeup) Image 159K
Dominguez, Jose Santos Marin, Jr (Military Marker) Image 80K
Donner, Pauline Image 170K
Donner, Tom R. Image 170K
Doran, Lonnie G. Image 77K
Doran, Lonnie G. (Closeup) Image 105K
Doran, Marilyn D. Image 77K
Downing, Dorothy Image 72K
Downing, Guy R. Image 72K
Dreitz, Bendict Image 64K
Dreitz, Catherine (Katie) Image 116K
Dreitz, Eleanor Image 64K
Dreitz, Joseph Image 116K
Dreitz, Norma L. Image 132K
Dudley, Eva Mae Image 85K
Dudley, Howard C. Image 70K
Dudley, Maydean Image 98K
Dudley, Virdell F. Image 85K
Dudley, Virnell Image 207K
Duerson, James L., Sr Image 98K
Duerson, Ronna R. Image 98K
Dunham, Marlow Dawn Hinz Image 218K
Dunnam, Cruce N. Image 110K
Dunnam, Eva Genese Image 110K
Dunnam, Lary E. Image 160K
Dunsworth, Cleo L. Image 94K
Dunsworth, Danny Lawrence Image 73K
Dunsworth, Dixie D. Image 119K
Duran, Rachael Marie Image 179K
Durbin, Leslie Annette Image 159K
Durbin, Lester Kenneth Image 57K
Durbin, Lester Kenneth (Closeup) Image 151K
Durbin, Lila D. (Dolly) Image 57K
Durbin, Lila D. (Dolly) (Closeup) Image 175K
Dyer, Kathy Image 224K
Dyson, Dwain L. Image 86K
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