Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
C Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Caffee, Anna B. Image 217K
Caffee, William F. Image 217K
Caffey, Claudette C. Image 136K
Caffey, Claudette C. & Lonney L. Image 23K
Caffey, Lonney L. Image 136K
Calhoun, Dean E. Image 242K
Calhoun, Gladys H. Image 242K
Campbell, Carl L. Image 77K
Campbell, Mildred V. Image 77K
Campion, Dr W. M. Image 149K
Campion, William J. Image 168K
Cantrell, Charlie R. Image 152K
Cantwell, Carl Ival Image 159K
Cantwell, L Jane Andrews  
Capps, Bertha M. Image 209K
Capps, William T. Image 209K
Carlson, Margaret L. Liptrap Image 137K
Carlson, Rodney L. Image 148K
Carlson, Rudolph Roy Image 137K
Carlson, Rudolph Roy (Closeup) Image 192K
Carranza, Maria Ernestina (Closeup) Image 150K
Carson, Bobby Joe Image 103K
Carson, John C. Image 57K
Carson, Ollie A. Image 57K
Carson, Reva Lea Image 87K
Causey, Judy Image 169K
Cavin, C. G. (Bus) Image 78K
Cavin, Joe L. Image 196K
Cavin, Louise Image 78K
Chappell, Jimmie Lee Image 114K
Chappell, Sammy Image 163K
Chavez, Endina Image 114K
Chavez, Endina (Closeup) Image 68K
Chavez, Victor A. Image 114K
Chavez, Victor A. (Closeup) Image 40K
Chavez, Victor Alexander Image 211K
Chavira, Araceli "Sally"  
Childers, Phyllis M. Image 86K
Childers, Robert (Pug) Image 179K
Chrispens, Fred W. Image 87K
Chrispens, Fred W. (Closeup) Image 33K
Chrispens, Harold E. Image 179K
Chrispens, Ulva B. Image 86K
Chrispens, Ulva B. (Closeup) Image 32K
Chuesberg, Sherry Lynn Image 139K
Churchill, Ernest F. Image 85K
Churchill, Renate M. Image 85K
Clancy, Emmaloid Image 201K
Clancy, James E. Image 201K
Clark, Faye K. Image 111K
Clark, Mary Dot Image 214K
Clark, Michael F. Image 182K
Clark, Ronald V. Image 111K
Clark, W. Buford Image 214K
Clark, William Glenn "Bill" Image 183K
Clay, Jessie P. Image 52K
Clay, Walter E. Image 52K
Clifft, Alice L. Image 71K
Clifft, Bill A. Image 71K
Clifton, Zachary Dean Image 134K
Clingan, Ruby E. Image 79K
Clingan, Ruby E. (Closeup) Image 34K
Clingan, Walter M. Image 79K
Clingan, Walter M. (Closeup) Image 37K
Clodfelter, Cline H. Image 205K
Clodfelter, Dollie M. Image 205K
Clodfelter, Evalyn Image 89K
Clodfelter, Wayne Image 89K
Clumsky, Ann Marie Image 166K
Clumsky, James Albert Image 188K
Cobb, Betty J. Image 101K
Cobb, Dean A. Image 89K
Cobb, Lawrence G. Image 101K
Cobb, Lawrence G. (Closeup) Image 44K
Cobb, Marie Image 132K
Cody, Freddie Image 154K
Cody, W. W. Image 154K
Coffman, Paula Marie Image 108K
Cokeley, Clarence N. Image 122K
Cokeley, Dorothy J. Mcclellan Image 122K
Cole, Arthur T. Image 136K
Cole, Cora L. Image 176K
Cole, Dorothy Mae Image 78K
Cole, Etta Mae Image 221K
Cole, Gene H. Image 221K
Cole, Lester Ray Image 99K
Cole, Luella A. Image 136K
Cole, Merle L. Image 78K
Cole, Merle Leroy, Jr Image 174K
Cole, Rickie G. Image 177K
Collins, Darlene L. Image 157K
Collins, Paul L. Image 157K
Colvin, Billy W. Image 151K
Colvin, Edith M. Image 151K
Conley, L. Gordon Image 184K
Cook, Jessie J. Image 140K
Cook, Overend O. Image 140K
Cook, V. L. Pete Image 45K
Cooper, Glen E. (Closeup) Image 152K
Cooper, Glen E. Image 156K
Cooper, Joan D. Image 156K
Corkins, Linford H. Image 217K
Corkins, Linford H. (Closeup) Image 42K
Corkins, Velma M. Image 217K
Corkins, Velma M. (Closeup) Image 42K
Correll, Charles S. Image 68K
Correll, Charles S. (Closeup) Image 30K
Correll, Edna Image 193K
Correll, Gertie A. Image 68K
Correll, Gertie A. (Closeup) Image 30K
Correll, Hudene Image 193K
Cousland, L. R. (Sonny) Image 215K
Covarrubias, Juan Francisco Image 73K
Craig, Buford L. Image 92K
Craig, Buford L. (Closeup) Image 78K
Craig, Marilyn J. Image 92K
Crail, Ida Image 161K
Crail, Paul Image 161K
Crawford, Mollie Lue Image 93K
Creason, Alma Marie Image 50K
Creason, Joe H. Image 50K
Creathbaum, Dorothy P. Image 181K
Creathbaum, Jess D. Image 181K
Creathbaum, Lily I. Image 51K
Creathbaum, William D. Image 51K
Crisler, Aletha A. Image 91K
Crisler, S. Ralph Image 91K
Crow, Jim Wayne Image 145K
Cruz, Andres Santa Image 166K
Cullum, Janette (Trujillo) Image 116K
Cunningham, Clara D. Image 213K
Cunningham, F. E. "Bud" Image 135K
Cunningham, Lawrence E. Image 170K
Cunningham, Thomas E. Image 173K
Curtis, Joel C. Image 236K
Curtis, Velma M. Image 236K
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