Restlawn Cemetery

Liberal, Seward County, Kansas
J Surnames

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and submitted September 2, 2002 through August of 2007.
With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

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File Description Image
Jackson, David C. Image 70K
Jackson, Laura M. Image 143K
Jackson, Leonard T. Image 59K
Jackson, Margaret F. Image 59K
James, Birdie Image 150K
James, Claude Image 70K
James, Cloyce Image 150K
James, Josephine Image 70K
James, Julia Ann Image 90K
James, Rollie Thomas Image 78K
Janes, John Image 181K
Jeffries, Alma Jean Image 204K
Jeffries, Gordon John Image 204K
Jeffries, Lorenda Jean Image 141K
Jennings, Corinne Image 168K
Jerman, Ben F. (Closeup) Image 26K
Jerman, Ben F. Image 46K
Jerman, Lula F. Image 46K
Jerman, Lula F. (Closeup) Image 25K
Jernagan, Lester Lee Image 207K
Jines, Ben Image 212K
Jines, Ida Image 212K
Johnroe, Gloria J. Image 115K
Johns, Everett E. Image 177K
Johns, Lucille M. Image 140K
Johnson, Ethel B. Image 115K
Johnson, Frances M. Image 69K
Johnson, Harry W. Image 113K
Johnson, Jay J. Image 69K
Johnson, Colleen G. Image 113K
Johnson, Mabel M. Image 209K
Johnson, Myrtle Image 110K
Johnson, Robert P. Image 209K
Johnson, Walter Image 115K
Johnson, Wantha Image 115K
Jones, Hilda M. Image 86K
Jones, Rev J. L. Image 182K
Jones, Janessa Ann Image 210K
Jones, Jayden Lee Image 166K
Jones, Judy D. Image 105K
Jones, Lora Ann Image 192K
Jones, M. Wayne Image 105K
Jones, Norman Image 166K
Jones, Robert W. Image 112K
Jones, Velda D. Image 112K
Judd, Carmon D. Image 117K
Judd, Clarence S. Image 57K
Judd, Erin Elizabeth Image 79K
Judd, Lucille M. Image 57K
Judd, Merriloy Image 117K
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